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safety on sendit

we believe giving people the power to engage safely, creatively, and positively is critical to their online experience.

as a parent, you might know that sendit is one of many ways teens interact with each other online. we recognize that you want to ensure that your teen is well protected and informed while using our product.

using the app

open the sendit app to a carousel of augmented reality games to choose from. these determine the type of messages you evoke from friends.

tap the yellow play button to enter the snapchat camera where you can take a photo and select the friends you want to participate in your game.

friends who receive your photo can swipe up to send their message into your game.

open your sendit inbox to view your friend's message, and the process starts over again!

protecting our community

we take safety issues like harassment and bullying very, very seriously. while most people use sendit as a fun way to spark light-hearted conversations with their closest friends, we understand that any app that facilitates communication has the potential to be abused.

we encourage our users to follow our safety tips, and household rules — as well as talk to trusted adults about their safety concerns.